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Life after lockdown, a TechRepublic Cover Feature

Life after lockdown, a TechRepublic Cover Feature

All of us are impacted (directly or indirectly) by the working conditions imposed on us by the COVID19 global pandemic. Some of us though it would be a short-term “fix”, others saw an extreme change in workspace coming, perhaps not as soon, but they saw it coming.


2021 bring a new reality to where we are with remote working, especially with larger corporate companies.


Being in the technology space and being geared for remote working, it was a simple transition, although with a huge impact. Remote working means micro-managing teams or ensuring that your work schedules and time management processes are in place.


Recently, Tech Republic published a cover story on “Life after lockdown: Your office job will never be the same, here’s what to expect” and raises some interesting points on issues such as moving permanently to remote work or changing the current work environment for safer conditions. Read the full report below.

This review is brought to you by Tech Republic and ZDNet.

Peter van Woerkum has spent the past few weeks working in, and fine-tuning, what could turn out to be something very like the office of the future: the office of our coronavirus-altered future, that is. He takes the lift (in which only two employees are allowed at a time) then walks clockwise to reception and grabs a recycled paper mat to cover his desk while he works. He makes his way through the now extra-roomy office–the firm has removed furniture to avoid clutter–to a workspace, which has, of course, been thoroughly cleaned overnight.

Life after lockdown: Your office job will never be the same—here’s what to expect.

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