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Cloud Governance

Taking away the risk and hassle.

Our clients come to us to take away the risk and the hassle with our full cost management service

What is cloud governance?


Generally, governance seeks to ensure that what we are governing is doing the right things right:


  • Are we doing the right things?
  • Are we doing them the right way?
  • How do we know?
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Cloud Governance.

Cloud computing governance is a view of IT governance focused on accountability, defining decision rights and balancing benefit or value, risk, and resources in an environment embracing cloud computing.

Let Kaskade provide you with monthly reporting on your cloud environment ensuring there are no surprises and reducing your risk. Our solutions include:


  • Cost Optimisation
  • Governance
  • Security
How do you provide governance without impeding agility?

Using experts to remove the risk and the hassle with a full cost management service, which includes:

Customised Visibility

Customised visibility into AWS and Azure environments including risk and best practice gaps.

Cost Reallocation

Cost reallocation to better understand costs and drive accountability.

Cost Optimisation

Fully managed optimisation on an ongoing basis to maximise returns and find hidden costs.

Business Analysis

Know who is doing what by analysing across any business or technical group.

Proactive Governance

Proactive governance with chargeback, budgets, guardrails, alerts, approval workflows and more.

Cloud computing governance creates business-driven policies and principles that establish the appropriate degree of investments and control around the lifecycle process for cloud computing services.