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Think of us as your go-to Cloud Provider for all things from cost optimisation, to migrating to the cloud. Let's not stop there, let's make your business process more efficient with machine learning or add some artificial intelligence to predict your customer's behaviours.
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About Us

Your go-to team of certified Cloud Experts

We solve business problems using the hyperscale cloud. Our core services are:

Migration Consulting and Execution

Advise on best migration approach for your business.

Cost Optimisation

Reducing your overall cloud spend by identifying mismanaged resources and eliminating waste.

Custom Systems Integration

Bringing together component sub-systems into one system to function together as a one integrated system.

Best Practice Alignment and Policy-based Governance

Best Practice Alignment and Policy-based Governance

Cloud Native Development

Build and run scalable applications in dynamic cloud environments.

Advanced Technology Consulting

Leveraging Kaskade's expertise and innovative technology that enables digital transformation.

Kevin Derman

Kevin Derman is a specialist in Cloud Technology, Enterprise Software, Marketing and Channel Management.

Russell Warne

Russell Warne is a specialist in Cloud Technology Enterprise tools and driven by ensuring customer happiness.

About Us

We solve business problems using the hyperscale cloud.


That means building and executing cloud adoption strategies, migrating workloads, deploying new resources in the cloud for strategic projects, applying advanced services and architectures such as AI/ML, IoT or block-chain and managing those deployments to achieve cost and governance goals. Although our choice is AWS, we offer optimisation for Microsoft Azure, GCP and private cloud environments too.

We're fuelled by the possibility that cloud brings to organisations and spend every day applying our skills and experience to make this a reality for our clients.

Kaskade is headed up by Kevin Derman and Russell Warne who have been at the forefront of cloud technology in South Africa for the past seven years. Their combined IT experience of over 40 years in the industry, offers a wealth of knowledge for the benefit of Kaskade’s clients.


Kaskade is part of the Global Micro Solutions Group and is a Level 2 BEEE provider.

Past Projects

We solve business problems using the hyperscale cloud.

Windows Systems Migration

Tired of inconsistent availability, poor performance and high support costs, an international import/export company looked to Kaskade to migrate workloads from on-premise, hosted and other public cloud locations into AWS. Consolidating databases, rightsizing resources and re-platforming resulted in availability exceeding 99.99% and 30% cost reduction. Another client reported a 300% performance improvement post- migration.

Strategic Business Project

After failing to get a project off the ground on-premise, a global business directory turned to us to deploy multiple workloads rapidly and securely. Systems were available to start building the application environment within days, turning around almost a year of wasted time. Security and pro-active governance applied through AWS best practices and CloudHealth ensured the required compliance.

Machine Learning and IoT

Gathering data from IoT devices scattered through the country, delivering data in the required formats and drawing that through machine learning models for anomaly detection and visualization was proving a tricky task for this company of data scientists and engineers. Combining DevOps practices with AWS AI and IoT services, we delivered a start- to finish data ingestion, transformation, analysis and alerting platform for their innovative business.

Operations Centre Migration

A chain of luxury lodges wanted to upgrade their operations system while also taking advantage of running it in the cloud for increased accessibility and elasticity. Using DevOps methodologies along with custom development work for the integration, the system was live within a few weeks. Linked to this was the deployment of an in-room information system which delivered media and info from cloud sources to local devices with complete control and security.

DR Environments in the Cloud

Disaster Recovery environments in the cloud for hosted workloads.

Other Projects

Other recent projects include media website auto-scaling solutions, Sentiment Analysis Dashboard for PR, Visual Recognition for Events and Reception facilitation, Voice- based news flash, a quality control SaaS application
migration and much more.

Delivery of Services

To support the delivery of services, we’re highly skills and certification focused. Everyone in Kaskade (not just technical staff) is required to certify, and is then expected to continue the path to domain specialisation. The pace of change in the cloud world, along with democratisation of services, dictates that we learn continuously to keep adding value to our clients.

All Services

Our Skills

Our team of experts have decades of technology and business experience and is certified in a multitide of cloud skills. These skills range from cloud governance to cost optimisation. We are not limited to cloud skills only, but have an internal DevOps team ready for making your systems needs a reality.

Cloud Architects
Cloud Architects

Our Cloud Architects will help develop your company's computing strategy and support your application architecture and deployment in cloud environments.

Business Analysts
Business Analysts

Our business analysts will guide businesses in improving processes, products, services and software through data analysis. In addition, they will ensure communication between IT and business is clear and understood.

Data Scientists / Machine Learning Specialists
Data Scientists / Machine Learning Specialists

Our Data Scientists will ensure that the collection and cleaning of data meets your company's purpose while using machine learning and ai tools to provides systems that automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed.

Cloud Developer Specialists
Cloud Developer Specialists

Our Cloud Developer Specialists will collaborate with software developers, system operators and other IT staff members to manage code releases.

Focus, Intelligence, Possibility

Removing obstacles and creating possibility to increase your competitive advantage.

Choose Kaskade.Cloud as your expert Cloud partner

Partnering with companies who are looking to migrate to the Cloud and level-up their businesses, is what we are passionate about.