Saving money on AWS Part 2: How to have your pie and eat it.

Reserved instances (RI’s and other lesser known reservation options) are a great way to save money.  But they can also be quite confusing, especially when it comes to things like cross-account RI float, size flexibility and variable attributes. Let’s...

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Saving money on AWS Part 1: Choose the right filling for your compute pie.

When it comes to cutting costs on AWS, the biggest chunk to aim for is compute cost.  In our experience,compute services – think anything EC2 backed – make up almost 70% of an organization’s AWS spend, which makes it...

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Kaskade Announces Cloud Over Africa Podcast Sponsorship

Kaskade is proud to announce that it is now the proud sponsor of the “Cloud Over Africa” podcast. The podcast was released on the 12 July and focuses on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and associated technologies and the impact...

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