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AWS South Africa

AWS Launches Local Region South Africa

Amazon Web Services Cape Town Region now available in the AWS Admin Console.

The exciting addition of the South African AWS Region opens up new options for cloud customers ranging from SMB to enterprise. The region enables all organizations to bring lower latency services to their end-users across Africa, and allows more African organisations to benefit from the performance, security, flexibility, scalability, reliability, and ease of use of the AWS cloud.


AWS Regions meet the highest levels of security, compliance, and data protection. With the new Region, local customers with data residency requirements, and those looking to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), will be able to store their content in South Africa with the assurance that they retain complete ownership of their data and it will not move unless they choose to move it.


Africa (Cape Town) is the 23rd AWS Region, and the first one in Africa. It is comprised of three Availability Zones, bringing the Global AWS Infrastructure to a total of 73 Availability Zones (AZ).


Kaskade has been providing cloud services on AWS Global infrastructure and now is delighted to be able to offer clients access to the local region. Take advantage of our special region launch offers designed to ease your journey to the cloud.


Benefits include, hassle free IT, pay for only what you use, unlimited computing power, low cost storage, increase your business speed, agility and so much more.



Applications running on this 3-AZs Region can use C5dD2I3M5M5dR5R5d, and T3 instances, and can use a long list of AWS services including Amazon API GatewayAmazon Aurora (both MySQL and PostgreSQL), Amazon CloudWatchAmazon CloudWatch LogsCloudWatch EventsAmazon DynamoDBAmazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Amazon Elastic Container RegistryAmazon ECSElastic Load Balancing (Classic, Network, and Application), Amazon EMRAmazon ElastiCacheAmazon Elasticsearch ServiceAmazon GlacierAmazon Kinesis Data StreamsAmazon Relational Database Service (RDS)Amazon RedshiftAmazon Route 53Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF)AWS Auto ScalingAWS ArtifactAWS Certificate ManagerAWS CloudFormationAWS CloudTrailAWS CodeDeployAWS ConfigAWS Personal Health DashboardAWS Database Migration ServiceAWS Direct ConnectAWS Elastic BeanstalkAWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)AWS Key Management Service (KMS)AWS MarketplaceAWS Mobile SDKAWS Shield (regional), AWS Site-to-Site VPNAWS Step FunctionsAWS SupportAWS Systems ManagerAWS Trusted AdvisorAWS X-RayAWS Import/Export

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    Local Data Center Benefit

    Lower latency – the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer usually referred to as “poor performance due to network latency”.

    Data localisation – keeping data local for those clients who have been waiting for this to make the move to cloud.

    South Africa Data Center

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Local Data Center Benefit

    Each AWS Region is a separate geographic area. Each AWS Region has multiple, isolated locations known as Availability Zones. Amazon RDS provides you the ability to place resources, such as instances, and data in multiple locations. Resources aren’t replicated across AWS Regions unless you do so specifically.

    Special Offers

    To assist local customers in making this move, Kaskade is releasing three special offers today for customers wanting to take advantage of the local region.

    T’s and C’s apply.

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