Looking Ahead to 2019

After having gone through the top technology trends that we experienced in 2018, we felt it only right that we look forward to this year, 2019, and place some bets on what we think are going to be the big technology areas of the year.

  1. Boldness in Cloud Adoption: There is no doubt in our minds that there was an acceleration in the amount of cloud migrations and the amount of interest in cloud migrations towards the end of last year. We are certain that companies are going to be far bolder in committing workloads to the cloud as the benefits become clearer. We see this happening across all verticals and all sizes of companies, from enterprise to SMB.
  2. Reality of the Buzzwords: If you attended an IT function last year and you did not mention IoT, Blockchain or AI, then I am afraid you clearly were at the wrong function. This year we are going to see more and more real live use cases that are going to prove their ROI. The result of which will mean the technology will become far more pervasive throughout businesses. The use of these technologies will span both the enterprise and mid-market segments.
  3. The Ever More Granular Consumption Model: Over the years we have moved from annual to monthly billing, from monthly to daily billing, and from daily to hourly and now per second billing. This increase in the granularity of billing is increasing further with the popularity of serverless computing. This will really strengthen towards the second half of the year as the use cases of serverless start disrupting more and more companies, and companies using “always on” computing will not be able to compete against the cost models of new methods.
  4. Hyper Agility for All: Over the past 10 years, start-ups became far more agile that enterprise companies as they were able to harness the power of public cloud to create brilliant solutions without the huge overheads. This spurred the spate of start-up acquisitions that has been going on for many years, as enterprise companies compete to buy up the uniquely created IP. However, enterprises are now wisening up and creating smaller more agile divisions, that are focusing on creativity and agility without the usual KPI and ROI handcuffs. Watch out for a return of agility to the large enterprise.
  5. Hyperscale Cloud Providers Landing in Country: AWS made the first move of installing two

Edge locations, one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town in July last year. We now also have investment commitment in the region from AWS for an opening of a region in 2020. Microsoft was due to open theirs in December but unfortunately missed the launch deadline and has not reconfirmed a date. What this does all mean is undeniable investment in the African continent by the cloud giants. There is no doubt that this will have a great impact on customers, and their decision to move to the cloud. They needn’t wait, they know local is coming, but they can start enjoying the benefits now.

I look forward to looking back in 12 months’ time and seeing if we were right, but I have a good feeling about these. The future looks bright, and for the first time it can be sunny and cloudy at the same time.

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