Kaskade Announces Cloud Over Africa Podcast Sponsorship

Kaskade is proud to announce that it is now the proud sponsor of the “Cloud Over Africa” podcast.
The podcast was released on the 12 July and focuses on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and associated technologies and the impact that they have across the African continent.

Hosted by Kevin Derman and Russell Warne, who together have over 40 years of IT industry experience, the style of the podcast is conversational, and the hosts often will have guests from the industry who will provide objective opinions relating to cloud throughout our wonderful continent.

There are many podcasts that cover cloud, however there are none that deal with the relevance to our geographic region.”, explains Warne. “We wanted to give our listeners not only a view of what technology is out there, but how will it benefit them today, right now in their country.”.

The targeted audience for the podcast is business professionals interested in cloud technology. These will range from CIO’s and CEO’s to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Cloud technology is so broad and ranges from complete SaaS solution to IaaS which requires a degree of technical knowledge. Because of this our audience may range from marketing and sales people to CIO and CEO’s of companies.”, mentions Derman. “The beauty of a podcast is you can listen to the edition that interests you and skip the rest.”.

Each episode is between 15 to 20 minutes and can either be streamed off https://www.spreaker.com/show/cloud-over-africa or downloaded to your local player. The show will be available on iTunes Podcasts and Google within the next two weeks. New episodes will be released weekly and can be listened to on demand.

The first edition aired on the evening prior to the AWS Summit in Cape Town, and covered Amazon CloudFront. The timing and choice of topic could not have been better as AWS announced the launch of a new CloudFront edge in Cape Town, taking the number of available edges throughout South Africa to two. There was great excitement about the announcement, but many people were left wondering what exactly this means to their businesses in South Africa. This first edition explains it all.

Why not tune in and get your mind attuned to the cloud.

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