Application Performance Management

What is Application Performance Monitoring?

Kaskade ensure that once your applications are deployed in the cloud that the user experience is excellent via application performance monitoring.
  • Application performance monitoring (APM) is software designed to help IT administrators ensure that the applications users work with meet performance standards and provide a quality user experience.
  • Application performance monitoring tools provide administrators with the data they need to quickly discover, isolate and solve problems that can negatively affect an application’s performance.
  • APM tools track an application’s performance over time and help IT professionals understand the effect that different dependencies — the systems that applications rely on to function properly — have on an application’s performance.

Modern Cloud Platform

IT professionals can use the performance metrics, which an APM tool can gather from a particular application or multiple applications on the same network, to identify the root cause of a problem. 

The data APM tools collect includes client CPU utilization, memory demands, data throughput and bandwidth consumption. 

Kaskade is a new New Relic partner, the leader in Application Performance Management.

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