20-30% Cost Saving Counters the R/$ Blues

20-30% Cost Saving Counters the R/$ Blues

One of the effects of the South African rand depreciating against the US Dollar, is a soaring cost of international cloud computing. You can find yourself paying 20 to 30% more  over a matter of days.

What most companies don’t realise is that cloud environments need to be continuously optimised to ensure you are running the most cost efficient architecture for your immediate needs. We have found that the typical saving for a company who has been running a cloud environment for anything from 6 months to a year is in the region of 20-30%, which would immediately negate the increased cost due to the Rand depreciating.

To assist during this tough time, Kaskade.Cloud is offering a no charge service of providing companies with a snap shot view of their potential savings or overspend of their Azure and AWS environments. Based on this report you will easily be able to identify the broad areas where potential savings can be achieved. You can then decide if you would like Kaskade to assist in optimising your current environment to allow you to realise the intended saving.

Email info@kaskade.cloud with the subject “Cost Saving” to receive your free snapshot today. Don’t overspend for one more month!

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